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Gary Dahl - Ebenezer Scrooge

Native of Yarrow, British Columbia, Gary now resides in Chelsea, Quebec.

Primary vocal studies in Vancouver with maestro Luigi Wood.  Further studies at the Banff Centre, Florence, Italy, and New York.

Previous work in new operas include Michael Nyman’s The Man who Mistook his Wife for a Hat, and Claude Vivier’s Copernicus with New music Vancouver,  Roddy Elias’ Sleeping Rough with Ottawa’s Music & Beyond, and Andrew Ager’s Frankenstein in 2019.   Last season you may have seen

Gary munch on a rather large spider in the exciting Dracula production.  That was fun!!

I look forward to the New Opera Lyra season, and invite all my fellow curmudgeons to Scrooge’s Christmas, and of course, all the other great shows in this season….Bah humbug.

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